Top photo by Nedy McCann-Myers, bottom left two by Gary Churchill, 3rd from right by Karen Kuen, far right by Gary Churchill


Seeing a fire performance with Major Blaze is something you will not forget. Audiences are startled and amazed as he discharges volumes of flames around his body, using a hand held fire canon of brass and copper. 

As a second act, he weaves flames with a bullwhip, then cracks the whip at a speed of over 700mph, creating a massive ball of fire!  See this video of Major Blaze and his canon

Performance History:

    Fire Spectacular of Sacramento - Annual Northern California gathering of fire performers with a public show.  Performed multiple years at this event through 2015.

    Burning Man Festival - Part of the burn crew with Bonefire Bob for 2015 destruction of the Temple of Confessions and 2013 Photo Chapel (both by Mark Garlington). Performed at the Sideshow installation on the esplanade 2014.

    Fire and Steel Festival - Colfax, Ca.  Performed multiple times at the Colfax Fire and Steel festival with Luna Roots fire troop.

    3rd of July Celebration - Colfax, Ca. Performed with Luna Roots fire troop.

    Heart and Solstice Festival - Blue Mountain Event Center, Ca. 2015

    Illuminart Festival - Woodland, Ca. Performed in 2015.

    Reggae in the Hills Festival - Calaveras County Fairgrounds, Ca. 2015.


Blaze practices with acclaimed Whip and Trick Roper James Barrera, and occasionally cracks his fire whip at the Thursday practice sessions of the Fire University of Davis.

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Photo by Reese Brindisi Photo by Reese Brindisi Photo by Mark Matcho Burning Man 2015, by the Serpent Mother Photo by Stephen Jacobson, Mad Hatter Festival 2015

Photos by Reese Brindisi, Mark Matcho and Stephen Jacobsen